Tourism Consulting

What we do:

  • Offer strategic tourism planning generating benefits and win-wins for local communities, with focus on Regenerative Tourism, Agri-Tourism and Community Based Tourism
  • Create engaging stories with local communities in spotlight, finding local heroes to bring the message through
  • Offer consultation in Sustainable Food Tourism based on three pillars: Products, Environment and Society, in compliance with all SDGs
  • Promote sustainable tourism, women empowerment and social inclusion, protect cultural and culinary heritage
  • Develop communication and fundraising strategies for NGO’s whose main focus is well-being of local communities
  • Anna Drozdowska, Travel Design CEO is an Ambassador and Strategist for Planet Happiness NGO
  • Protect the environment and promote zero carbon footprint in cooperation with leading international NGOs
  • Cooperate with SUNx Malta NGO, that supports Company & Community Climate Resilience through Climate Friendly Travel - Low-carbon: SDG-linked: Paris 1.5.